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About Us

Wild Imaginations is a  product of Integral Design Construction, Inc., bringing 35 years of LA based commercial and residential construction experience to Idyllwild.  Our extensive knowledge of construction, structural design and plan development gives us the ability to create virtually any structure. Along with the completion of thousands of commercial projects, IDC/WI has designed and built over 80 homes. Forty years of association with Idyllwild has embedded a great appreciation for it's natural beauty, which is reflected in the local work of Wild Imaginations. 

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Standout Projects

  • Idyllwild Projects:

It has been an amazing experience working in Idyllwild, designing and building new homes, interior remodels, decks, carports and more. Idyllwild has served as an incredible setting while creating "The Hut", "Infinity House", "Sun and Moon" and "Raven's Nest" to name a few. Projects in which we had the privilege of being given complete creative control. 

  • Disneyland Projects: 

-Home of the Future in Tomorrowland

-Asimo Robotic Exhibit

-Downtown Disney Anne Geddes Art Gallery

-Tortilla Joe's Restaurant

-Central Energy Plant; powering the entire resort

  • Guggenheim Graduate Aeronautics Laboratory:

Integral Design was selected as the only contractor that would commit to constructing the architectural showcasing of Dr. Theodore Von Karman's work.  IDC produced the structural/framing plans to execute the architects design of the curving, undulating floating ceiling/soffit assembly with concave and convex surfaces


  • Beverly Hills Residence:

New ground up construction of a 26,000 sq ft custom home, featuring a detached pool house, in home movie theater, eight car underground garage, wine cellar, gym, and virtual golf room.

  • Linde + Robinson Laboratory for Global Environmental Science:

Based on our strong background with renovating historic structures, we were personally requested by Caltech to construct the first platinum leed remodel of a historic building.


  • AMC 16 Plex Movie Theater, Redondo Beach:

Integral Design Construction was able to save the project over $200,000 through value engineering and complete the construction with a crew of 65 employees in just four months.

  • LA County Courthouse:

This project consisted of the removal and containment of asbestos throughout the 80,000 sq ft courthouse. The challenges involved with this kind of construction almost brought the project to an end. Integral Design was very proud of devising an innovative way of sealing and containing the asbestos particles with an elaborate vacuum system. We certified our entire crew for asbestos abatement and the project was brought back to life. 


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